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Our Principal

Principal Message

A child's mind is one of Gods most wondrous creations and to nourish it and develop it in the right way, is one of the most sensitive and rewarding tasks one can undertake. RAMPUS aims at helping them to develop their own potential fully, in an atmosphere that is constructive citizen of our Vishal Bharat as well as good human beings.

The best form of our culture and tradition will be inculcated and blended in with all the knowledge required to suit the modern era.

Respect for national values, democratic process, and dignity of labor and consume your concern for other will be given high priority in the learning process of the child.

Dear Children! You are our future hope as such you should consume your time cautiously, creatively and deli gently. Try to excel in whatever field you have access.

Make your life well planned and form a habit to do things regularly.

You must note down in the Calendar the home work assigned daily and complete the same without fail. Revise whatever has been taught and have a look of the next lesson to be taken up.

The calendar also contains other useful information which you can make use of. Please bring this diary to school without fail and also maintain it carefully.


Every extra class is to be attended by the students without excuses such as rainy season, holiday, festival, cold or Bus facility etc.

Mobile is not permitted in school premises. I have read all the Rules and Regulations of the Management and I abide to follow same.

Outside After


After school, students in school dress are not allowed to indulge themselves in any wrong activities.

Students should bring their problem to the management along with Class / Subject teacher.

Student should not be found unnecessarily loitering around in verandah or on stairs.

Tuition from school teacher is strongly prohibited.



Bicycle stand forms should be properly filled with Bicycle Name, bicycle Number, year of Manufacturing and Cost at the of purchase.

Student should attach photocopies of purchase voucher.

Fees should be summited timely. Otherwise payment will be taken from caution money.

Cycle should be properly locked while keeping in stand otherwise the custodian will not be responsible for its safety.



Children are involved in a number of Team Games to strengthen the team spirit.

Group Leader Various Group activities organized in the class have ONE Group Leader who manages his/her Group. The Leader is chosen on a rotation basis to provide every child a chance to be a Leader.

Class Representatives Every class functions through the chosen Class Representatives on Rotation Basis which nurtures in them Leadership qualities at the budding stage.


wise Presentation

Weekly class-wise Presentations are held based on the relevant themes. All the children of the class participate in the Presentation which enhances their speaking and Presentation skills and boosts their confidence.

StudentsPupiles of Rampus

School Rules & Regulations

  • Please do not request for part time leave of your wards.
  • Private tuition by the school teachers is strictly prohibited.
  • Please do not request for the same.
  • For the special attention of the students. :
  • In going from one classroom to another for special subject. All shall move in the orderly manner, under the captain and prefects.
  • Strict regularity and punctuality, implicit obedience, countesy in words and deeds, cleanliness in dress and person and proper care of books and school property re expected from every pupil.
  • Irregular attendance, habitual lack of interest in school work, stealing and misconduct even outside the school premises, willful, repeated breaches of school regulation are the dismissal of the child from the school.
  • Pupils are responsible for the school authorities not only their conduct in the school but also their general behavior outside. Any report of objectionable conduct on the part of any pupils will make his/her liable for disciplinary action. Hence misbehavior in public places and conveyances is liable to the same action.
  • The Principal, in interest of the school and without assigning any reason, may ask, parents/guardians to withdraw his/her child/ward, if the Childs conduct, behavior of influence, in the Principals opinion, be in any way detrimental to the common good of the school and its smooth running.
  • All pupils are required to wear school uniform. Neatness in dress and person should be cultivated by each pupil. Long nails, nail polish, jeweler or the bringing of expensive articles to School is strictly prohibited.
  • All should be particularly care NOT TO THROW PAPER, anywhere in the school premises. They should use the waste paper baskets and bins specially provided for this purpose.
  • All are expected to speak English in School. (Hindi may be spoken during Hindi lesson only).
  • Gifts to members of staff or other demonstrations in their honor require the prior sanction of the Principal. All pupils should Endeavour to excel in the practice of good manners and obedience to their teachers. Pupils are expected to attend all school functions and meetings.
  • Parents are requested not to go directly to the class to meet the teachers.
  • Casual visits to view the school are not allowed as this could disrupt classroom teaching.
  • All the pupils should be in school on the first day of each term without fail. Regular attendance is a prerequisite for education and an important factor in deciding promotion.
  • Request for leave on Medical ground must be supported by the Certificate of a registered medical practitioner. In this case application must be forwarded at least on the second day of the leave.
  • Fee must be paid regularly. A students name is liable to be struck off if the fee is in arrears at the end of the respective quarter and the student has to take re-admission.
  • Students may be required to attend extra classes on any working day after school hours or on holidays, provided they have been informed on the previous day. Students themselves must make arrangements for their conveyance etc. if necessary.
  • All dues and arrears must be cleared before the half yearly and annual examinations respectively.
  • Students will not be allowed to leave the school during the school hours. So parents are advised not to come with such requests.
  • Students shall not be permitted to be absent from classes for the sake of celebrations and festivals.
  • All the students will have to take part in the extra-curricular activities, cp-curricular activities, drill etc. no requests for exemption will be entertained.
  • The General Assembly is the most important part of the school day. Every student should be present at it to begin the prayer to God and listen to the important announcements.
  • Students should be friendly, courteous and co-operative towards other students of the school treating everyone with respect and conducting themselves in a dignified manner. Calling nick names, spreading rum ours etc. are strictly forbidden.
  • All must come to school in time, neatly dressed with lessee’s well prepared and home work done. Text and exercise books and material for drawing, art & craft should be brought to school according to the day’s routine.
  • Student repeatedly coming late or forgetting to bring books or coming without the proper uniform may be punished.
  • Mere sending of an application is not sufficient, leave has to be sanctioned.
  • No leaves of absence are given without a previous application in writing from the guardian.
  • All leave must be applied for in writing addressed to the Principal. No students shall proceed on leave without sanction and permission especially when the leave exceeds two days.
  • All children are expected to bring a fruit and Tiffin with them for the recess.
  • Pupil suffering from contagious or infectious disease should not attend school.
  • All should take part in the activities of the school. If physically unfit, a medical certificate should be produced.
  • Absolute silence must be maintained at place during the teaching hours, whether it is the library, the computer room, the general assembly or on way to and from the class rooms etc.
  • Out of course books, news papers, periodicals, picture games articles, transistors or any electrical instruments not pertaining to their daily use should not be brought to school without the class teachers /principals’ permission. If detected or found to have bad influence on the fellow students, these will be confiscated and students found guilty may be punished.
  • The school does not accept responsibility for the loss of books, money, stationery etc. each student is responsible for his/her own things. Brining of valuables to the school is discouraged.
  • The Principal may chastise a student for habitual idleness, disobedience or misconduct injurious to the moral tone of the school, by detention after class hours or by other minor punishments. He may even dismiss a student or ask him to discontinue if the guilty is of serious matter.
  • Parents are requested not to send for or call away their children during class hours except in case of unforeseen emergency and that the Principals permission.
  • Parents should understand that they cannot dictate the principal but that the Principal has the right to say on what conditions he will admit or retain pupils in the institution.
  • Principal must be informed of the absence of the students at the earliest.
  • If a student is likely to be adsent through illness for a long period, the Principal must be informed immediately through an application with the name, class and section of their ward.
  • Parents /Guardians are requested not to give any money to the children unless they receive written information from the school. Children should be provided with Tiffin, so that they do not have to buy any eatable from anywhere.
  • No guardian is allowed to go into any classroom or go upstairs without the specific permission from school authorities.

Attendance Rules

A Pupil will be eligible to appear in the session ending examination if he/she has completed 75% attendance. Leave to student for absence is granted only on an application addressed to the Principal through class teacher submitted in time (definitely the same day , the next day in the unavoidable circumstances) duly attested by the Parents/guardian, if parent is not with the student.

The period of leave with reasons should also be recorded in the student’s calendar by the parents with signature. In case of illness, a Medical Certificate must be attached with the application. Long absence except in case of illness should be discouraged.

The name of the student will be struck off from the school, if he/she is absent for more than week continuously without sanction of leave. Founders day will be celebrate on 14th Feb., Punyatithi of Ratna Prakesh. Attendance will be compulsory.

At least 75% attendance is must.The attendance card must be worn by the student by neck. In any case it should not be kept in bag and pocket.

Scholarship,Caution Money, Fine Rules

Poverty-cum-merit fee concession may be granted by the Principal to deserving students on submission of a application from the parents, subject to the available quota. No exemption is granted in pupils fund in any case.

A panel fee of Rs. 100/- will be charged for duplicate copy of transfer Certificate or Progress Report. Fee for duplicate diary will be Rs. 50/-

Rs. 1000/- (For class IX to IIX) will be submitted at the time of admission. For any indiscipline student will be imposed fine of Rs. 200/- per chance. Student will get 5 chances to improve the habits and one the 6th chance T.C. will be issued and students name will be struck off.

Home Examination and Promotion Rules

The final assessment of a pupil at the end of Academic session shall be based on the achievement of a student in the Unit Tests, Cumulative Test, and Session Ending Exam, Regular Home and Class Work and project/Practical undertaken by him/her throughout the year. The details of such tests are as under :-

Unit Tests

The Unit Test shall be conducted in each subject as per schedule permitted in the last page.

Cumulative Test

This is like the test at (i) above with the difference that the areas tested will comprise of the entire syllabus covered up to that period.

Session Ending Examination

It the only informal examination to be held during the 2nd or 3rd week of the March. The during of each paper shall not exceed 2 1/2 hrs. For each subject. The entire course prescribed for the year is to be tested in the examination.