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The school establishes a great connect with various partners of the school and the parents. The warm school ambience is reflected right from welcoming the parents at the school reception from meeting with the teachers and the Principal. Parents are happy to come to school as parent volunteers when teachers are on leave, as proxy teachers as well as Bus Care takers

A child is the sum total of his environment, at school, at home and Parents, at Ratna Memorial Public School, play a key role in building an empowered home environment. The school conducts Annual Induction Programmes for new parents and also organizes many workshops and events for on relevant themes. It even invites them and mobilizes them as a resource for school ventures as Judges to events, Student workshops and Expert Talks.

Ratna Memorial Public School believes that a child is the sum total of his environment, at school, at home. We see homes as key pillars in harnessing positive energies towards the holistic progress of the child. Special value addition sessions on - Creating a Synergized Home Environment are yearly conducted in the school for parents so that they can effectively provide a positive home environment to their child.

The Student Council of our school gives the deserving students a fair chance to have a hand on experience of managing the school activities and come face to face with the real life problems. The student council for the year bears a new face as it supports a hierarchy, which delegates the responsibility and accountability chain from the top till the very bottom.

The Student Council consists of the Head Boy and Head Girlat the top followed by the School Captains.The Head Boy and Head Girl monitors and assist the activities of the Six House Captains, Discipline Captains, co-curricular captains Sports Captains. Prefects help the above selected captains in maintaining the discipline of the school. The selection is based primarily on their performance in academic and co-curricular activities and their overall personality adds plus point to it. They are entrusted with various responsibilities and share the task of maintaining proper discipline and decorum in the school.