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A Break from


School picnic is day full of thrill and excitement for the children. It provides the break from their routine and gives them a refreshing and joyful experience which they cherish all their lives. Keeping this in mind a picnic was organised . The children enjoyed the rides and had geat fun


At Rampus Life for Experience & Excellence in Education and Commitment to a meaningful Education are of prime importance. Quality education is provided to each and every child. Rampus believes that thirst for education should be developed in children at initial years.And conditions should be created for them to pursue a positive approach in life.Here the teacher becomes the group co-ordinator initiating work, nurturing students without the Pressure of examinations and homework. Development of oral and written expression is emphasized upon. Home assignments are not a carry-over of classwork but oriented towards individual talents.

Opportunities to learn in Different Situations - "Take the students out of the four walls of the classroom, and bring the outside world into it", that has been the constant endeavour at so many Places.

RAMPUS School organizes various outdoor activities like Trekking, Rock Climbing, Mountaineering and Adventurous Courses in association with various Community Partners like:

During the Pre-Adventure phase,students are made familiar with the various environmental issues pertaining to the place to be visited. Children are shown Presentations on the bio-diversity of the place and the natural resources available. They are motivated to explore about the place through various resources like books and internet. This environmental education prepares them to face the challenges more confidently.

During the Visits apart from participating in the adventure, students are asked to make notes of their observation of the place including special natural resources of the area. Children learn and write the same.

Post Adventure Phase students are given Assignments, Worksheets, Tests based on their visit which strengthens their learning and makes it a learning experience. The learning is incorporated with their existing topics in the related subjects and thus Environment Education is rendered in the best possible way.