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Student will be required to bring the diary regularly to school. Attached with recent photograph signed by the Principal and Class Teacher.


Facility of library is available to the students. They are advised not to tear off pages. Otherwise they will be asked to exchange the same book to library within two days.


It is compulsory for all the students to take part in school activities such as games, drama, musical programs, competitions, extra classes etc. If parents think their ward is not fit to take part in function, they should inform the management at the time of admission with proper reason. Only incase of any emergency permission will be given on medical grounds.


One day leave will be sanctioned by class-teacher and for two leave permission will be given by Principal. After that they that they have to submit Medical Certificate

Student will not be allowed to go back during school hours in any circumstances. In emergency guardians will be called by phone.



Will be entertained on phone. It will be considered only if it is given in writing with carbon-duplicate copy.



Any information about the school and students can be taken from ‘Lakshya Call Centre’. Phone No.:0551-6452066.


In games period students will go in field with the games teacher or be seated properly in their class rooms.


The Principal is much averse to the use of corporal punishment, but reserves the right to use this if in his/her opinion, it is necessary in the general interest of the school discipline or of child’s character.



Conscious effort is made to ensure that most of the Activities organized in the school involve TEAM WORK. Children are divided into groups of 6 each and made to perform the given task. It enhances the spirit of collaboration and cooperation. Some examples are organization of: Group Assemblies, Wall-Magazines, Plays and other group events. The GROUP collectively performs various duties like- Cleaning the class, Maintaining Board, Discipline etc. and thus learns to cooperate.

AdmissionProcedures & rules-regulations

  • Admission to school is made through admission test.
  • Eligibility for admission or priority would not by itself secure admission in the class if the seats are not vacant or the child is not considered suitable for the class.
  • 31st July is the last date for admission except when the student is on transfer from a recognized school.
  • All the necessary documents as Progress Report, Transfer certificate from the previous school original date of birth certificate (For enterence class) are to be attached with the admission form.
  • The Transfer Certificate is to be Countersigned by the District Education Officer of the of the District if it is a case of Inter-state or Inter district transfer.
  • Admission of new student in the school shall be made in the first weep of April. Registration will be adhered to earlier.
  • Admission Test will be conducted by school on the date to be notified by the principal.
  • Admission will be allowed after student qualifies in the test and submits the T.C. of the previous school duly countersigned along with the Progress Report of the last exams passed.
  • Admission WITHOUT Transfer Certificate shall be made only up to CI. VIth. if a pupil who has not previously attended any recognized school applies for admission to any of the classes I to VI his/her parents / guardian shall be required to give full history of previous education and summit an affidavit to the effect, that the ward has not attended any recognized school till then, in case of the facts, the Principal shall have power to cancel the admission.
  • The Admission test shall be held in the following subjects:-
  • Primary (I to V): English, Hindi, Math’s.
  • Classes VI to IX: English, Hindi, Math’s and Science.
  • The Principal will arrange Admission Test and his decision on admission will be final.
  • The Student should complete the age 5 years on 30th September of year for admission to CI. I but he/she should not be more than 7 years. The age for admission to other classes will be regulated accordingly. The maximum age for admission to L.K.G. classes is 3 years as on 30th Sept. of the year and for admission to subsequent classes one year more for each class.
  • In case of student from a school not affiliated to the Board theTC of the previous school of such a student shall be countersigned by an officer not below the rank of District Inspector of school of the Education Dep’t. Of the State/Union territory concerned and the student shall not be admitted to a school

Discipline & Rules

  • Students shall maintain a high standard of good manners and general behavior.
  • They should be polite and well behaved within the school premises and outside the nature qualities of respect for elders and teachers, honest and truthfulness, at all times and places.
  • Students who are given some responsibility should undertake it dutifully and impartially in accordance with the direction given by the Principal or the teacher deputed by him.
  • Respect for one’s property and school property and school property as well as those belonging to other is a mark of well bread and responsible student. Damage of any kind to the school properly will be made good from the student.
  • Student must always speak in english in the school premises and maintain a high standard in their conversations.
  • All students must be in possession of a copy of this school Hand Book and should bring it daily to the school.
  • Books, conics, News paper, picture and articles not pertaining to their daily work and not approved by the Principal must not be brought to the school.
  • Student is not allowed to enter the staff room unless permitted by any teacher.
  • Students will not be allowed to leave the school premises on any account during the school hours so parents are requested not to come with such requests.
  • Late comers and absentees will not be admitted to the class without the express sanction of the principal
  • Discipline is to be maintained by every student. Damage to computer and its accessories like Mouse, Keyboard, Monitor, C.P.U, U.P.S, glass panel, electric application, furniture, garden and its flowers is punishable.
  • Proper Winter/summer Dress should be worn. Short hairs and sparking shoes, short nails are compulsory.

School Uniform

  • Students should enter the school premises in proper school dress.
  • Only, Birthday students will be allowed in civil dress.
  • On Saturday it is compulsory for all the students to come in proper House Dress. No excuses will be allowed.
  • Students should have proper Lab Apron. While entering the Chemistry L ab.
Class Summer Winter

Dark Gray Color Pant / Tunic ‘V’ neck (Box Plated)

White Shirt Half sleeves with monogram

Grey socks with double white Strips & Black shoes

Navy Blue Blazer with monogram
Class VI to XII

Dark Gray Color Full Pant / Skirt

White Shirt Half sleeves with monogram

Gray Socks with Double white strips & Black shoes

Navy Blue Blazer with monogram

House color uniform

L.K.G. only

Red T-Shirt with monogram White Pant / Tunic ‘neck’

White Socks WITH Double Red Strips & White canvas Shoes.

Half Sweater Grey Color with White Stripes and School monogram.
U.K.G. to XII

House Color T-Shirt with monogram (Saffron / white /Green / Blue) White Full Pant / Skirt.

White socks with their house color stripes, white canvas Shoes.

Half Sweater Grey Color with White Stripes and School monogram.